Respecting your right to privacy as the User, the FA SPORTSWEAR online shop (which is available at and sells online products in its offer, hereinafter referred to as the “Shop”), has developed this document, in which it presents its position on collecting, processing and using information about Users. 

  1. Shop base
    The Shop base contains data on the transactions being performed and on the goods offered in the Shop. The data on the Users that use the Shop to effect orders placed by them is also stored in the Shop base.
  2. The processing of your personal data

    The entity responsible for the processing of personal data (data controller) is Fitness Authority Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Otomin, Poland, 80-174 Otomin, ul. Konna 40 (Shop Owner). Your personal data entrusted to the Shop, including the full name, residential address, correspondence address, e-mail address and telephone number, is treated with special emphasis on its safety. It is processed in the scope necessary to perform the order, and, if you consent to it, to provide marketing information.

    Personal data entrusted to the Shop is stored and protected in accordance with the rules set out in the applicable laws, in particular:

    - Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means (Dz.U. No 144, item 1204, as amended)

    - Act of 28 September 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text: Dz.U. No 101 of 2002, item 926, as amended),

    - Regulation of 29 April 2004 of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration as regards personal data processing documentation and technical and organisational conditions which should be satisfied by devices and computer systems used for personal data processing (Dz.U. No 100, item 1024),

    - Act of 16 July 2004 “Telecommunications Law” (consolidated text Dz. U. No 243 of 2014, as amended).

    If you used the option to set up an account, you may update your data on your own. Any changes to personal data may be made by logging into the account. You have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data. Should you find this solution insufficient, you may send a request in writing to the following address: Fitness Authority Sp. z o.o. ul. Konna 40, 80-174 Otomin.

    Your personal data entrusted to the Shop is not subject to sale to third parties unless you consent. The Shop may entrust a third party with the processing of personal data for the purposes related to the provision of services offered on The Shop represents and warrants that the entity entrusted with the processing of your personal data will process your personal data in accordance with the rules applicable to the Shop.

    If you decide to make a payment through the service, you will be redirected to the website of PayPro S.A., an entity that authorises transactions and operates at The Shop does not have access to or store credit card data. If the payment method through the service is chosen, the data necessary for making the payment is submitted to the Acquirer. The Shop does not have access to or store any data necessary to log into the bank selected for payment.

    The Shop processes, for statistical and marketing purposes, information about the interests and demographics of our Users through the Google Analytics service.

  3. Newsletter list

    The Shop keeps a newsletter list [the electronic newsletter is issued periodically by the Shop and contains, among other things, information about the offer and promotions, competitions, events related to the operations and other marketing activities of the Shop]. If you voluntarily sign up to a newsletter, you consent to receive marketing information. The Shop does not sell or share e-mail addresses with third parties. The Shop may, however, entrust third parties with the administration of e-mail addresses and carry out its own advertising activities (including remarketing) based on third party systems. The e-mail addresses provided in this case are used exclusively for the needs of the Shop. Your e-mail address is subject to the same protection as other personal data. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking a link in an e-mail or using a form available at By using the said form, you may also change your e-mail address.

  4. The security of data being transmitted

    The Shop has an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is a tool that ensures the protection of the web site and guarantees the confidentiality of data transmitted electronically. The SSL certificate is a protection that consists in encoding data before it is sent from your browser and decoding it after it is safely transmitted to the Shop’s server. The information sent from the server to you is also coded and then decoded after reaching the destination.

    You will be informed about establishing the connection with a secure web page in the following way:
    - in Internet Explorer, a padlock is displayed on the right side of the status bar; clicking on it will display the certificate of authenticity (digital signature) of the website.
    - In Firefox, Chrome and Opera, a padlock is displayed on the navigation bar; clicking on it will display the certificate of authenticity of the website,
    For your own safety, you should remember to log out from the website after the end of the session. To do this, click the link “Log out” in the upper right corner of the Shop’s navigation bar. Closing the browser window alone will not necessarily complete the operation.
  5. The policy of the Shop as regards Cookies and the IP address

    As the User of the Shop, you are anonymous until you decide otherwise. Your IP address is processed by the Shop only for statistical purposes. It is not available to third parties. At the same time, the Shop reserves the right to disclose your IP address to law enforcement agencies in case of detecting any activities aimed at the destruction of the data contained in the Shop or any activities that could affect the proper functioning of the Shop in any other manner.

    Your web browser can store text files, so-called cookies. These files contain information necessary for the proper functioning of websites, in particular, those that require authentication. A cookie is an alphanumeric identifier that is associated with a web browser you use. Thanks to cookies, the Shop may collect statistics about the sessions of the Users visiting the Shop, which allows the Shop to better adjust the Shop’s offer to the needs of the Users. The data collected by the Shop is completely anonymous and does not allow identification of the User.

    Out of concern for the safety of its Users, the Shop does not store the personal data of its Users in cookies. These files are used by the Shop for the following purposes:

    - to maintain the User’s session,
    - to adjust the presented content to the User’s preferences,
    - to create the statistics of visits.
    In the process of achieving the above-mentioned objectives, the Shop may use the tools offered by third parties but does not disclose in any way personal data or data that could help to identify you by means of cookies. You may configure your browser to prevent the use of cookies or to automatically erase them after your visit to the Shop. In most web browsers you can find in the browser’s help menu information on how to manage your cookies. You can also find there information on how to remove them and how to block the option of saving cookies on your computer in the future. The Shop does not recommend the removal or blocking of cookies as it may hinder or, in some cases, completely prevent purchases in the Shop.

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