T-shirt Double neck White

6,55 €

T-shirt made of high-quality material. The T-shirt has many color variants, it perfectly emphasizes the athletic figure. It is durable and flexible, so it will work very well during training.

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Double Neck BLUE T-shirt from Fitness Authority is a T-shirt perfect for training and more. It looks great on an athletic figure, which will give you professionalism.
The T-shirt is made of flexible material and give you comfort during various exercises.
It will also work well as everyday wear. It is durable, so you can be sure that it is not another semi-finished product that will quickly deteriorate.
It is a combination of high quality, durability and aesthetics in one T-shirt!

Advantages of the T-shirt:

durable material, is flexible,

gives you comfort during exercise,

does not restrict movements,

enhances an athletic figure,

looks great